Interview JDCR

Salut à tous, aujourd’hui pour vous la FCP a réalisé une interview d’un des meilleurs joueurs au monde sur Tekken Tag 2. Je vous laisse la lire et n’hésitez pas a laisser des commentaires.


Hi JDCR ,thank you for your time and for this interview, can you please introduce yourself ?

Hi I’m HyunJin Kim as known as JDCR in tekken scene, now sponsored by Team Najin.
I want to say im pleased to get interview from French.
I seek pro-gaming with tekken, Tekken scene is kind of small though.

I’m kind of guy who like traveling and meeting a new foreign friend.
Both are goals in my life.
I have been to a lot of tournament, but more than it, I met a lot foreign firend,
Who have shown me real-world.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my friends who are supporting to me.

Okay, i will begin the interview.

On which tekken did you start to play?

I started tekken TTT1 at 14 years old.
I enjoyed playing with a lot of characters.
So I decided my nickname 10 years ago, which means JDCR in korean.
Main character was the mishima. I didnt play TT4 at all, which was not popular in Korea.
After TTT1, the next game I started was Tekken 5.

What do you think about Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Is it a random game for you ?

Well, I would say it sometime looks ‘random game’ only in terms of combo-system.
I find some characters make too much damage with combo like Bruce, Nina, Kazuya, Jack..
When get hit combo, 50% of energy is gone. If with wall combo, 70% of energy.
Then, You might think the combo system affect the game too much.
I think its not too much but we cant disregard the combo damage.

Except for the combo-system, this game is very similar to T6 BR.

What do you think of console’s character ( Angel,Tiger… ) ?

In terms of Balance, Its kind of unfair that someone who good at a certain character can have same character.
It is like I have to beat his main two times.

For Fun, this attempt of Namco is very good, I think. The more new character is released, the more we can enjoy.
some characters are very bad though, but It is still good.
Personally I wish Namco made again REAL Armor king murdered by Marduk 🙂

Can you tell me the MLG Dallas Tournament ?

First of all, I was just pleased to be there MLG.
It was not easy for me to join, because I had to pay all the expense by myself.
But it always feels good to be in a big tournament. kind of like hyped.

I thought it would be going to hard and it was.
I had lost 2010 MLG Dallas, I knew how strong they were.
I think I got a lot of experience for 2 years between 2010 and 2012, so I won.

What I liked was the tournament had perfect system for players, running time, food and others.
Players are always kind of tired of being in a tournament,

I believe that they know it and what tournament is.

I just hope to join next MLG.

What did you think about of americans players ?

I would like to talk about difference between korean and american.
The noticeable thing  is that Korean find it imporant to move and
tend to move all the time but they don’t.
It is like when Korean is in -frame situation, in order to cut off the opponent’s move,
we tend to move. but they tend to use something fast like 1,2..
I can’t say which one is better, The concept of both each have pros and cons.

In real life they were really fun and friendly to me.
I would like to say thank you again.

Which players have more attracted you attention ?

Kor, Lil-majin, AV kazama.

Kor’s moving was really better than I thought.
I mean he seemed to be korean style, which is not common in USA.
He knew well about bob and slim bob. He made me think again Bob was strong.

Maybe Lil-majin and AV are not as famous as Kor.

Majin is armor king player who have been on the top as arm and king player since TK6 BR.
(I heard from someone)
Before got dallas, I have seen his match on youtube, which was impressive.
I played against him in the tournament and watched his some matches as well.
he had kind of different armorking from me.
I know Im better than him lol but I can say I learned a lot from him.

AV is mishima player who I have met 2years ago in MLG Dallas as well.
there was other tournament which was called ‘Absolute battle’
He showed me well-balanced-mishima in the tournament.
He beat Helpme with mishima, the match was really close though.
well I had not known that he was strong like that and there was strong mishima in america like him.
I just would like to play him again.

Have you felt the differences between arcade and console version of Tekken Tag 2 ?

I want to talk about difference of game setting.
The monitor and the height of stick make some difference.
For me now, the console setting is comparatively kind of comfortable,
but when I first played on console, I felt kind of difficulty to play.
I got a little confused to make a distance.
Because the size of the characters of arcade are small compared to console.

It may not sound like it affect to the game much, but it is obvious that
we need to kind of practice to get used to do other.

Motion blur turned off make me feel this status is faster than arcade and being turned on.
I dont know whether only I feel like it, I personally dont like it.

Someone say the pad of the console react more fast than arcade stick.
Im not sure about this part.

What is the tier list for you ?

Its kind of hard to answer.
Actually I don’t like make tier list because it need to be considered according to its level of difficulty.
Normally, I would say:

++ Bruce, Nina, Devil Jin
+ Heihachi, Kazuya, Jin, Feng, Dragu, Chri and Eddy, Ganryu, Miguel, Bob and slim bob, Lars, Leo, Paul
Normal: The rest
– Yoshi, Alisa(?), P-jack, Angel, Ancient ogre

This game is very well balanced, there is no huge gap between each list.

Do you think Lars and Bob are so strong and without technical ?

Yes they are. Basically they have strong mid and low,
so sometime it happens for them to beat someone who is stonger than themselves.
But it doesnt mean they are broken or overpowered.
It is just about level of difficulty.

Can you explain me what are the most important things in Tekken Tag 2 ?

Tag Timing?
Since you know, I might not need to mention about the reason.
Whether punishing the opponent’s tagging or not is like winning or losing.
Plus, we can sometime escape from the opponent’s move with tag and punish it.
So, players should make own tag timing.
Basically this game is very similar to Tk6 BR.

Do you play other games ?

Very easy to answer. No!

Nous remercions encore JDCR pour la réalisation de cette interview .


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